Bondo® Bondo-Glass® Fiberglass Reinforced Filler,

Twice as strong as regular body filler. Half-inch, interlocking fiberglass strands create strength and make Bondo® Glass the ideal filler for repairing small (dime size or smaller) holes or rust-outs. The fiberglass strands in the filler allow you to cover holes and eliminate the need for backing strips, fiberglass mat, or cloth. Make repairing small holes easy with Bondo® Glass.

    Covers small holes without the need for backing strips, cloth or mat
    Works great on boats
    Sands in only 20 minutes
    Includes cream hardener
    Great for use on fiberglass, wood, metal, aluminum, SMC, and masonry and compatible with all paints systems
    Includes Red Cream Hardener