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Do I need to create a strategy?

The strategy will help you grow much faster. Therefore, it is simply necessary if you intend to develop your company.

How to properly analyze risks?

This is the most underestimated part of the project presentation, but it is one of the most important for the investor.

How is your project different?

Identify the features of your idea. What’s new for your customers? Based on this, you can build the development of your business.

What you need to start a startup?

The main task of any startup is to turn the idea into a business. A business is when a company makes money by selling a product or service to a sufficient number of people.

Where is it best to start?

For example, you can begin to conquer the market with those segments that are easiest to protect. In each market there are segments that are not liked by large players. Start with them. If you have never built a strategy, contact the mentor.

Is the startup ready for investment?

If you do not yet have a confirmed business model and product-market fit, it is too early to attract investment. In search of CA and first sales, the startup will have to test dozens of hypotheses.

Is the site a necessity?

It is difficult today to imagine a company that successfully works without a site. It is necessary if you want to grow your business and attract partners and new customers.

How to calculate the cost of a startup?

Make a list of what you need, but reduce it only to the necessary expenses. The staff can be minimal, but specialists for the project need qualified.

What if I don't have a team?

A rare startup grows out of one founder. Almost all large companies started with two or more people.

How to make the right choice?

In fact, there are only 5 main points for business development. They can be combined, but everything cannot be used at once, since each of them is its own strategy, which requires most efforts in a particular direction.

How can you turn an idea into a business?

It is necessary to start brainstorming, find ideas and choose the best. You need to clearly understand the goal and the end result.

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